Jesse Jane

    Many girls star in porn, but not everyone can become a star like Jesse Jane. Cute tits and butt is not enough, charisma is still needed. She knows how to arouse a man, if she sucks cock, then she does it professionally. If she's fucking like a real beast. For a long period of time, she held a position in the pet list of the famous adult journal ‘Australian Penthouse’.

    In 2009, she appeared in the reality series "The Bad Girls Club" and that same year, Jane was the focus of a CNBC documentary titled "Porn: Business of Pleasure." In November 2010, Jane was named the Australian Penthouse "Pet of the Month." In January 2011, Jane was named by journalist Chris Morris as one of the 12 most popular stars in adult which he published on CNBC. She grew up on various military bases in the Midwest. Well enough words. You better watch and have fun!

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